live. love. loft.

For independent spirits looking for a hotel – Rural Hotel Mallorca - seeped in local culture and the true essence of Mallorca, the LoftOtel Canet is the only alternative to traditional packaged holidays.

You are looking for something like: Rural Hotel Finca Mallorca?

A hotel with style and character?

The LoftOtel Canet represents a new concept in hospitality. Ours is a very personal interpretation of what hospitality should be all about. You will find here all you need to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Everyone comes to Mallorca to experience pleasure. Let us show you a new way of living that experience. Enjoy this unique experience of personality, modernity and authenticity - accompanied by the typical mediterranean hospitality. Your Mallorca rural hotel! The most unusual under the Rural Hotels Mallorca.

The Fincahotel Canet is a perfect place for families and people seeking a tranquil and informal atmosphere with a comfortable and modern design.