Quay. is the perfect spot for an appealing and informal meal full of intense flavours to be enjoyed in good company.

So far and yet so close... It has the perfect location to avoid urban tensions, the stressful routine of every day ... just 10 minutes from Palma centre.

Other amenities and instalations for our restaurant guests

  • Children’s playground (e.g. seesaws, swings, sandtable, slide)
  • Animals (e.g. pony, donkey, bunnies)
  • Museum expositions
  • Water fountains (Aguapark for
  • Theme nights with live music

Openning hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 1300 to 2300 PM
Closed mondays and tuesdays!

For reservations and some more info, just call: +34 629 076 751
or send a mail to: